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Little Black Bag: Products & Services

The Little Black Bag is an overwhelming way of online shopping. I speak about this in a good way. You'll never know what you'll get inside that little black bag -- this spices up the art of shopping. The LBB portfolio includes the following items: 

Shopping in LBB works in 3 simple steps: (1) Shop items of up to 70% off. (2) Swap items with other online shoppers. (3) Ship it to your doorstep. Got it? Shop. Swap. Ship. Fun and easy, right?

Whatever your style is -- Hipster, Boho, Classic, Downtown Glam, Fashionista or Preppy, there is something perfect for you, wrapped inside your Little Black Bag. Excited yet? Take the fashion plunge and start with the quiz

Little Black Bag: Company Background

The Little Black Bag or LBB is a one-of-a-kind shopping online store that was based on Japan's Fukubukuro retail events also known as "Lucky Bag Sale". Their mission statement is 'Fun Discovery Value'. When you shop on the LBB store, you get to be presented with merchandise up to 70% off that matches your fashion style. When you have received your 'online shopped items', you have until 7 days to trade your products with other items you like better. This is the fun part. When you are happy with your loot cart, you can hit "Ship My Bag". 

Here are the people behind this genius creation:

Dan Murillo, CEO 

Sasha Siddhartha, CTO 

David Weissman, President 

Board of Directors

Yves Sisteron, Director, GRP Partners 
Barbara Wambach, Director 
Mark Suster, Observer, GRP Partners 
David Chao, Observer, DCM

Little Black Bag: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are lots of blog posts about the Little Black Bag. It seems women from all over the world are really enjoying this new kind of shopping. You can taste a different rush of adrenaline when shopping with LBB. Read on what they have to say:

"Cute! I love these types of earrings, so no complaints here!" -- Geniabeme

"The only downside I found to LBB was that a lot of their stock is jewelry, and I'm not much of a jewelry girl.  I usually prefer dainty, simple items, and a majority of what they have is big, bold, and trendy.  Some of it is even, dare I say, gaudy.  But then you see that I ended up with pretty gaudy cat earrings, and I love them! So maybe it's a plus, since I chose an item that was outside of my comfort zone that I ended up being very happy with." -- Danielle S.

"I am in LOVE with this bag! It's just the right size to hold all my necessary items. Yes, I am a BIG handbag type of gal. I love the color, size, its PERFECT!" -- Kirsten

Read on more Little Black Bag Reviews online:

Little Black Bag: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Little Black Bag, which was only founded in 2011, is not yet accredited with the Better Business Bureau. However, it is gaining popularity among the women shoppers because of the unique experience that it gives them. 

LBB includes fashion brands that are famous worldwide like Calvin Klein, Tylie Malibu, D&G, L.A.M.B., Echo, Marc New York, Hello Kitty and Never Too Late. For a complete list of the brands affiliated with LBB, you can view this LBB Page. The LBB website has also been featured in InStyle's "Site We Love."

Little Black Bag: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to, the Official Website of Little Black Bag is ranked 47,200 worldwide. It is also doing good in the United States where it is ranked 8,081. After all, 78% of the site's total traffic comes from there. On the average, visitors view 12.2 unique pages daily. There are 260 links pointing back to it. 

Compete analysis says that there are more or less 23,500 unique visitors on Little Black Bag each month. It has a UVS rank of 72,179. Note that this set of data is based on US traffic only. 

Little Black Bag: Social Media Presence

The Little Black Bag is gaining popularity among the women and fashion frenzied people because of the experience that it gives to the users. Thanks to social media, their good news have spread. 

LBB is constantly updating its Facebook wall with the latest products that they have. This feed goes straight to its almost 42,600 likers. You can read tweets of how delighted LBB shoppers are upon opening their bags. You can also watch the actual unboxing of these little black boxes on their YouTube page. Follow their boards on Pinterest and be delighted with their variety of products. You can't help but wish that your next little black bag would contain that sophisticated satchel that you have been eyeing on. Same is true with their LBB Instagram, which showcases the trendiest items. They currently have 2,700 followers in there. 

Little Black Bag: Website Security & Safety

Google Safe Browsing

According to Google Safe Browsing, the two pages of Little Black Bag contains no suspicious software for the past 90 days. This website is hosted on a single network which is AS14618 (AMAZON). 


LBB uses cookies in keeping collected information from the visitors. However, LBB assures that they wouldn't collect personal information through cookies without asking the users' permission. 

IP Address & Clickstream Data

LBB collects traffic information like IP address, number of clicks and browser type from the visitors. These are used to evaluate the type of advertisements that LBB will display on their site. 

For the complete LBB Privacy Policy, head on here

Little Black Bag: Pricing & Packages

Little Black Bag is your accessory shopping paradise. You can find branded collections from their Gallery. You can check out the table below for the sample price.

Little Black Bag Item


Butter London


Betsy Johnson Bow & Heart Necklace


Nila Anthony Color Block Box Top Handle


Collection 18 Geo Vision Square Neckwrap


Present Time Love Door Hanger


When you compare prices on LBB to that of the original store, the prices are almost on the same range. You can try to compare branded bags from LBB to the prices on their original stores like Deux Lux and Nila Anthony.

You can check out other online accessory shop like Accessories They sell branded jewelries and the items are a little pricier, ranging from £20 - £ 100 plus.

Little Black Bag: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Little Black Bag is currently offering standard shipping only. See the table below for the details.

Shipping Class

Delivery Time



3-8 business days


Item Gift Standard

3-8 business days


*Items are for delivery the next business day after the trading is finished.

Shipping is available on all 50 states of America including FPO and APO addresses.

However, the following shipments are not yet available:

  • Shipping to Canada
  • International shipping
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Overnight Shipping

These shipping features will be made available soon according to their website. 

Little Black Bag: Payment Methods Accepted

Pay Via Credit Cards

Have you already picked out that first item from LBB yet? Ready to be surprised with the rest of the items? Hurry and pay for your purchase now. You can choose the following major credit card holders to pay for your orders:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 

Pay Via Gift Cards

If you have received a gift card from one of your girlfriends, you can redeem it via LBB Gifts. Simply click the redeem button, click your first item, enter the gift code and viola, you now have the gifts. Remember that once you open your gift back, there is no turning back since the items are already paid for. Gift bags cost $49.95 + S&H for monthly members. For non members there is a $10 increase in price.

Payment Modes

You can either pay for your items monthly or one-time basis. With the monthly mode, you can shop from personalized Gallery every month, save $10 compared to other non-monthly members and skip a month on the 5th without being charged. You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime. 

Little Black Bag: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Little Black Bag has this so called Happiness Guarantee and they have transparency as their policy. This means that you can cancel anytime. No sale is final.

Returns and Exchanges

Read on LBB’s Returns & Exchanges Guidelines:

  • Items eligible for returns are those that are unworn and still have the labels or tags.
  • Returns must be processed within 30 days since you have received the product.
  • You can choose the return carrier and postage.
  • If you have received a damaged product upon receipt, you may need to call customer service via the details below:
  • Mark the box (on the back of the packing slip) as either Refund or Exchange. If there’s no label, they would consider it as an Exchange.
  • You will receive a confirmation email about your transaction.
  • You can mail the items to:

Little Black Bag - RETURNS

11190 White Birch Drive

North Docks

Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730


Little Black Bag: Product images & screenshots
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